Karen had lost vertical dimension (the distance between the bottom of her nose and her chin) due to excessive tooth wear. This was leading to jaw pain, tooth sensitivity as she was wearing into the nerve of her teeth and self awareness issues. She didn't want dentures as other dentists had offered her so we went with a full mouth reconstruction. This involved opening her vertical dimension back to what it was in her 20's and placing crowns on her teeth to hold that distance. It also involves implant placement to replace missing teeth. The result is a healthier bite reducing stress on the tempromandibular joint, tooth protection, increased self confidence & a decrease in the appearance of aging. First and foremost this was a functional fix but the aesthetic results were a nice bonus.


    Katie was embarrassed about her space when she smiled. She told us her wedding pictures had all been taken from the side without the space. She had a dental phobia and started only getting her fillings done that caused pain. Once we had gained her trust she asked if we could fix the space. She was elated with the results. These are fillings shaped and cured in the office. In the future she may elect for crowns or veneers.

    #1 Bronco Fan

    Our #1 Bronco Fan was at a point where some type of a denture was her only option. We first attempted a traditional denture but she like most was disappointed about the inability to keep it in place and eat the foods she wanted to. She didn't like the frequent use of paste and missed her OLATHE SWEET CORN! We advised an implant retained denture. It is a simple procedure about 1 hour long where she gets numb and I placed 4 implants into her lower jaw. Then we refit her denture to clip into the implants. SHE LOVES IT!


    Maria wanted Partial Dentures but hated the idea of Metal Clasps. We did a mixture of implants to hold the partial in place instead of using clasps. This is something we are doing on a weekly basis as people with existing partial dentures are coming in to have them re-made without any clasps. This eliminates the metal look and also puts less wear and tear on the remaining teeth.

    Gunnison Valley Farmer

    This is an implant case using three implants to support a permanent non-removable bridge replacing 6 missing teeth. Using implants we can replace anywhere between 1-multiple teeth with fixed restorations.


    Brad had veneers placed previously but they were chipping coming off and he wanted to straighten out his teeth as well. We decided to go with crowns to allow for a stronger restoration that would also allow us to straiten things out without braces.


    What didn't we do on Shirley? We started with removing decay and doing a root canal. Then we completed sinus lifts on both sides of her maxillary sinus. We then placed 6 implants, 3 on each side replacing 6 missing teeth. After the implants were completed we did an additional 9 crowns on her lower dentition to fix worn out teeth as well as straigthen and lighten her lower front teeth.