All-In-One Dental Patient Testimonials

All In One Dental takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our patients and to exceed their expectations. Our friendly staff makes every effort to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. We are proud to share these testimonials from our clients:

    Root Canal

    "Everyone talks about how bad the root canal is. Honestly after the shot I never felt anything, After it was over I felt so relieved that my tooth had stopped hurting and I could sleep."


    "I have lived with a space between my teeth for a long time and had become used to it. So I thought. I had learned to smile without showing teeth, laugh while looking at the ground and avoid opening my mouth more than needed. After the implant my self confidence has increased and the procedure itself was so simple it was the best money I have ever spent."


    "I want to avoid sounding vain but I hated the spaces and crooked appearance of my front teeth. Multiple dentists had told me it wasn't too severe and that I should just leave it. I always resented that because these are my teeth and this is my smile. Thank you for listening and addressing my concerns. I love my new smile and only wish I had it done 15 years ago."


    "Your hygienist is so nice and thorough. I always feel like I am getting my moneys worth and that she actually cares about my improvement. It isn't just a quick cleaning and leave, she helps me learn and my teeth feel so clean afterwards."

    Oral Surgery

    "Everyone I know complains about dry sockets, looking like a chipmunk and severe pain from having the wisdom teeth out. You assured me I wouldn't be in pain even if I chose to not get knocked out. You were right. I knew what you were doing and that scared me a little but after it was over I didn't have any dry sockets. I went to dinner that night for my grandmother's birthday, I only swelled up on one side and it was hardly noticeable. After 2 days I only used ibuprofen for the pain."